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Damaco Group is gespecialiseerd in de productie en export van landbouwproducten voor de voedingsmiddelen- en diervoederindustrie. Het verwerken en ontwikkelen van vlees , vleesproducten en natuurlijke vezels van uitzonderlijke kwaliteit.

Bringing excitement to the food industry

Damaco Group is gespecialiseerd in de productie en export van landbouwproducten voor de voedingsmiddelen- en diervoederindustrie.

Onze internationale teams bedienen alle uithoeken van de wereld: we hebben kantoren in Europa, Zuid-Amerika, het Midden-Oosten en Aziƫ. We willen nu en in de toekomst een sterke relatie met onze klanten opbouwen!

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Wij willen DE referentie inzake technologische oplossingen in de vleesverwerking, de productie van vleesproducten en het gebruik van natuurlijke vezels in diezelfde productie. Onze achtergrond en expertise in zowel productie als trading, van zowel grondstoffen als additieven en zelfs technologie onderscheidt ons van onze collega”s. Onze expertise staat ten dienste van U, onze klant.


Meat is animal meat that is consumed as food. Man has been hunting and killing animals for their meat since prehistoric times. With the advent of civilisation, animals such as chickens, sheep, rabbits, pigs and cattle were domesticated. This eventually led to their use in meat production on an industrial scale with the help of slaughterhouses. Beef, also called bull in Belgium, is the collective name for the meat of the cow, bull or ox. Veal is also beef, although because of its distinct quality it falls into a different culinary category. It is a generally succulent and red meat. Some lean beef steaks are thinly sliced, seasoned and dried in the oven. This makes the steaks a tasty and convenient protein snack that is easy to take anywhere, as it can be stored outside the fridge. Some ste.

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Meat products beef

nl fr en de es home processes company contact welcome to michiels vleeswaren s updated website. If you need meat products that are made according to your taste you are in the right place meat products beef informatie inwinnen We specialise in salted boiled and smoked meat products made from pork chicken turkey beef veal and mutton. Unlimited possibilities. Delicious meat products with a typical taste go through various processes such as marinating salting seasoning boiling roasting and frying allowing you to create a product that suits your taste . Read more about our production processes robust infrastructure. We have a modern production system that enables us to create small and big meat product packages. Our infrastructure meets the standards of brc haccp and autocontrol guides . We have a meat products production line as well as a complete slicing dicing department.. Read more about our compa.

contact en nl de menumenu about vion about vion vion is an international food company with production locations in the netherlands belgium and germany and sales support offices in thirteen countries worldwide. Company overview brands concepts products vision purpose positioning management supervision corporate governance good business practice annual report business units business units the product portfolio of vion food group includes fresh pork beef plant based alternatives and derived products for retail foodservice and the processed meat industries. Retail beef about vion beef about vion beef key figures production locations brands concepts goldbeef goldbeef brands cool cuts food family de groene weg bio halal weylander nocker beilerei customers trendsetter consumer monitor our premium beef products contact suppliers truste.

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nederlands franais about swaegers our offer quality contact our offer our quality beef swaegers co bvba offers carcasses fore and hindquarters all technical parts of the fore and hindquarter. Our knowhow allows us to provide tailormade cuts. All products could be offered in chilled or frozen format Onze suggestie over meat products beef Transport quality within reach swaegers loads beef meat for clients across europe every day. For short distances we deliver our products with our own transport. For longer distances we work together with a number of certified transporters to deliver our products on time good condition and the right temperature. Copy copyright swaegers industrieweg hoogstraten belgi .